Welcome to Physical Education Department



    The department of physical education Govt. College for Women, Kakinada, was established in the year 1948. The department offers physical education programs with Physics & Chemistry(TM&EM), Physics &Computer Science (EM), Statistics & Computer Science (EM), Electronics& Computer Science (EM). 

The faculty members in the department are striving hard with an endeavor to bring better results. The students are mostly from a rural background. Though the financial status is very poor they are much enthusiastic in attending the regular classes and other career-oriented programs like JKC etc. A number of physical education students who were the products of this college are in high positions.

The department has adopted the modern teaching methods other that lecture method. The college has one e- classroom. The department members are using the e-class room for effective teaching. The department of Computer Science is helping the faculty in this regard. MANA TV and CD’s are used to make the teaching interesting and effective.