Principal, UG Co-ed

Mr Ch Srinivas Reddy holds a Master Degree in Commerce. He has over 17 years of experience in academics and teaching. He has been associated with the Academics, Management and Administration of the Institute for the last 10 years and he has been instrumental in the growth of the institution. He is currently holding the position of Principal of the UG College, Coed. Besides institution building as his passion, he is also involved in mentoring young people in academics and preparing them for a Corporate Career. He is a man of great zeal and someone to look up to when it comes to overcoming hurdles and winning against all odds.

In his own words:

Choosing where to continue your education is a major decision and I strongly believe that ASR Degree College will be a choice you will not regret, especially if you are determined to succeed.

I am pleased to welcome you all to the implicit space of ASR’s family in which you will find insight of various colleges, courses and plans to build a student-centered professional educational service. At ASR Degree College, we strive to nurture our students to become all rounder in their intellectual, professional, physical & moral developments which not only make them a good human being but also help them to reach the heights in their career in present scenario of industry culture.

Principal, UG Womens

Mrs T Uma holds a Dual Degree in MSc. Her indomitable willpower and grace has always been a guiding force for the ASR Degree College and has forced them to believe that if one has set his/her mind on the goal, he/she can overcome any obstacle effortlessly. A strong supporter of woman power, Mrs T Uma has inspired a lot of women to opt for education and excel in their areas of interest.

In her own words:

Welcome to ASR Degree College for Women. You have just embarked on a journey of innovation and revelation – a drive that is as much about you as it is about the larger world that you dwell in. ASR Degree College with its ideals of women’s emancipation and empowerment will enable you to ascertain, articulate and appreciate yourself.

The College with its ambience serves as the fulcrum of Teacher-Learner interface, the hub of all academic transactions and eventually the touchstone of a learner’s competence level. ASR Degree College is about YOU! You are at the core of its dream – a dream that upholds the value of impartiality and concord. Come; Let us walk this exhilarating path together!

Principal, PG Co-ed

Mrs N Sravani holds a Master Degree in Sciences. Her zeal, dedication and joyous nature are a fountain of inspiration for others, motivating them towards collective efforts and improve its standing among the city’s leading college systems. Her passion and commitment has inspired the college staff and students in their continuing pursuit of excellence for long-term and influential careers.

In her own words:

One must act, and act rightly. This has been the guiding principle with which ASR Degree College was established. Since then, in just over a decade our institution has emerged as the preferred choice of students for Higher Education at the Undergraduate and Post Graduate levels. This is because we emphasize sound fundamentals and thorough training that is practical in content and contemporary in outlook. ASR Degree College has consistently upheld its credo of Values with Vision to mould character while awakening the mind. I am certain that you will benefit greatly from your studentship at this institution. My best wishes to you all.

Vice Principal, UG Co-ed

Mr G Rambabu holds a Master Degree in Sciences (MSc, Maths). He has over 13 years of experience in academics and teaching. He is currently holding the position of Vice-Principal in the prestigious ASR Degree College. Being an energetic man himself, he has always managed to bring out the best in students. He is the driving force of ASR Degree College. He has always been a source of constant encouragement for the staff and most importantly the students. Working meticulously is his innate nature and this can be seen in the passion through which he delivers his works, giving inspirational speeches to students. He is an inspiration to every ASR Degree College when it comes to perseverance and commitment. He is a kind and compassionate man involved in all aspects of college administration.

In his own words:

Hearty congratulations on your success in the qualifying examinations. It is our privilege to open to you the doors to a successful future; to place within your palm the key to realizing your career aspirations. Youth is a stage in life when you are at the threshold to self discovery and self fulfillment. It is also one of life’s most deciding stages. The decision that you make today will have an indelible impact on the rest of your life. Yet you have nothing to fear because we are at hand to equip you with the appropriate counseling and guidance to surmount every hurdle that you encounter.

Dean, Academics

Mrs B Aparna holds a Dual Masters Degree in Computer Applications and Technology. She has been associated with ASR Degree College for the last 3 years and is currently the Dean, Academics involving coordination among the students and internal faculty members of the institute. She actively takes part in the administration of the institution. Her areas of interest include creation of uninterrupted, round the clock co-ordination and communication facility for the Group.

In her own words:

ASR Degree College is offering courses in both UG & PG in the State of Telangana. Our faculty continues to provide their expertise round the clock. It is important that our students find Jobs to suit their aptitude and background. I sincerely hope that our students will use the facilities provided to them in our campus and find their profession and justify the trust placed in them by their family, society and nation in helping the country in its march towards becoming a developed Country. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate all departments of our Institutions for their untiring efforts and wish all the students the very best in their attempts to build up purposeful careers for them.

ASR Degree College, right from its inception has been committed to deliver good quality education aimed at the all-round development of the student. In today’s competitive scenario, it is imperative that the educational institutions offering higher education have to ensure that the students get an extra edge in this regard. It is here that the institutes play a vital role. In this perspective, ASR Degree College has taken care to offer the ‘extra edge’ through various initiatives aimed at going beyond the text books. ASR Degree College functions on the basis of well conceived academic policies and principles set up by Management and Academicians. Excellence in academics has been brought about with a keen eye on standards and never compromising zeal for quality.