Every living organism is a universe in itself. At our Department, we uncover the secrets of these little universes. Biochemistry is a dynamic, exciting science that contributes important information to practically all of the primary specialties of the life sciences.

Biochemistry is a branch of life science which deals with the study of chemical reactions that occur in living cells and organisms. Biochemistry may thus be treated as a discipline in which biological phenomena are analyzed in terms of chemistry. Biochemists study organisms at the molecular level so as to know how they carry out life processes. Recent advances in Bio-technology and its Industrial applications have been possible only due to a thorough understanding of the underlying principles of Biochemistry. Preparing scientists to explore the molecules in complex living systems and how molecules influence health and disease is the challenge for educators of Biochemistry. The discipline of Biochemistry today occupies a pivotal position in Teaching and Research of all Biological and Bio-Medical Sciences.


To prepare students for careers in science as both researchers and educators.


  • To inculcate critical and analytical skills in the students coupled with independent thinking and problem solving abilities by adopting Innovative teaching methods
  • To foster a research temperament and enhance interpersonal and teamwork among the students by assigning group projects
  • To promote student progression to PG courses

UG Courses Offered

  • B.Sc BC.C.BT (BioChemistry – Chemistry – BioTechnology)

Placements & Careers

A wide range of career opportunities are available for students of Biochemistry. Numerous fields are available for students of Biochemistry to choose from once they have finished their education. Those include:

  • Agriculture
  • Agrochemical Companies
  • Clinical and Forensic Science Laboratories
  • Corporate Firms
  • Food /Beverages Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Research and Educational Institutions

Other areas where biochemists are employed include:

  • Clinical Research
  • Information System
  • Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Quality Control
  • Science Information
  • Technical Writing and Editing

Governmental agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, The Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency etc are few public sector firms that employ biochemists. Besides this, Colleges and universities employ biochemists for the posts of Teachers and Lecturers as well.